Electrical & Control Solutions

Electrician, based in Shepshed, Leicestershire, we offer Nationwide coverage.

We cover al aspects of domestic, commercial and industrial works.

We specialise in the design and installation of custom control systems and smart buildings, but our comprehensive range of services include installation, fault finding, testing & maintenance.

Take a look at the services page for further information on the range of services we offer.

For your peace of mind, we are enrolled with the government endorsed Trustmark scheme, registered, insured and to demonstrate our commitment to self and custom builders we are also members of NaCSBA.

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You install control systems and smart buildings, does that mean you don't fit sockets and lights?

We absolutely do install sockets and lights, and CCTV, car chargers, machinery supplies and much more, we appreciate all business and just because we do carry out some of the more technical stuff doesn’t mean we charge the earth for general installation works like this.

When you say controls is this just large machinery control systems?

No, in addition to control panels for machinery and buildings, we love a little bespoke project, for example we’ve built a small system to control the watering of a bowling green, garden lighting scene controls, a system to control the maximum power being used in a property that automatically shuts non-essential loads off to preserve the main fuse, micro-brewery controls, the possibilities are literally endless.

I have no power, its 8pm on a Sunday evening, can you help?

We can, give us a call on our direct local number 01509 426246, if we can we’ll talk you through it without charge, if we can’t get you up and running and we’re available we will come out if required and not charge the earth for doing so. We find if you help people out, they come back for further work.

I am a landlord, can you provide an electrical report?

The official name is an Electrical Installation Condition Report and yes of course we do them, in fact we do reports for commercial and industrial sites too.

What's a smart building?

This is a good question with a number of answers, most people think of a smart system as being a thermostat that controls your heating via an app on your phone or a doorbell that shows you who’s at the door. We can install them of course but an example of what we consider a smart building is when all the accessories integrate together, an example could be a sensor that turns the light on can just as easily turn the heating or air conditioning off if no one’s been present for some time, that same sensor could be used to detect an intruder, there’s loads of options. 

Take a look in our smart buildings section to learn more.

Who are NaCSBA?

NaCSBA are an organisation who promote self and custom builds, their mission is to make Custom and Self-build a mainstream choice for everyone seeking a home of their own. We share this view, and we also believe that your custom built home deserves a custom electrical system, providing a comfortable and energy efficient place to live, and why not enjoy a few luxurious features also, our smart buildings section may provide some inspiration.

Our membership to NaSCBA not only demonstrates our support but for your peace of mind our membership offers an extra level of security thanks to its code of practice which all members sign up to.