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People have different ideas as to what a smart building consists of, so many devices are called smart but in reality, a light bulb that you can switch on and off with your phone isn’t particularly smart, all you’ve done is use your phone as a switch instead of a standard switch on the wall, maybe convenient but not very smart.

Now what would be smart is if there was a sensor on the ceiling that not only turned the lights on when you entered the room, maybe dimmed, maybe a specific colour, now what if we used that same sensor to turn the heating or cooling off or detect an intruder or inform us a loved one is up and about. Perhaps you have powered blinds, how about closing them when its warm or open them when it’s cool and let the sun warm the room rather than the heating, we can soon discover the potential for energy savings.

Another example of integrated controls is where we have multi-room audio, not only can we play our favourite tunes, but we can also use the same speakers to talk remotely to a loved one, or maybe we can advise an intruder that you’d quite like them to leave (or words to that effect).

Our systems can offer energy management, power monitoring, access, lighting control, power control, climate control (heating, cooling, ventilation, humidity), access control, intercom, public address. In addition to your home, the same systems have been used to control commercial and industrial sites including breweries. The options are unlimited.

We use many systems, but our preferred provider is Loxone, check out their website for further information, we are a registered silver partner so you can be rest assured we have received the necessary training and obtained the required experience to receive this status.


Is a smart building expensive to install?

Always a popular question, going smart isn’t as expensive as you’d believe, yes you have to buy the central controller, but installation wise the cable runs are shorter, the cables are a smaller diameter and quicker to install.

With a conventionally wired system you’d likely be purchasing separate audio systems, access, security alarm and heating controls, with our smart systems all of these functions can be integrated into the one system saving further investment.

When we consider the significant energy savings that can be experienced too, we soon come to the conclusion that no a smart system isn’t expensive.

Are these systems just for the home?

Absolutely not, the system is ideal for the office or industrial sites. We can perfectly control the working conditions that your staff experience, where the optimum temperature can be obtained and coupled with the building ventilation system, levels of CO2 can be maintained to optimum values, higher levels of CO2 can have a detrimental effect on a person’s wellbeing, leaving them fatigued and with a lower level of concentration.

We can centrally control your air-conditioning units, removing the age old problem of people fiddling with the temperature, we can even detect when a window or door is open and prevent the unit running and wasting energy trying to cool the world!


Can a smart building help with assisted living?

It can, and in many ways. A presence sensor can let you know someone is up and about or maybe a push of a button could act as a check in button to let someone know all is good or call for help, you can even speak to them through a speaker. A wrist button is available which is large and easy to press, why pay for monitored help when you can do the monitoring yourself. Any alert, whether from a wrist button a sensor or a simple switch can alert up to 10 people via phone call, message or email, or why not have a siren and or light on the front of the property.