Do I need to be a Grinch or can I have my Christmas lights on?

With the cost of electricity being at an all time high, do I need to be an energy saving Grinch or can I afford to have the Christmas tree lights on, this is a question on everyone’s mind this year, well let’s look at the costs of running them and then you can make your mind up.

The average LED fairy lights for your tree (around 500 bulbs) will have a power rating of less than 20 watts, we’ll use 15 watts in this example, these will cost around 1/2 p per hour to run (based on 40p per kwh), so 6 hours per day will cost you 3p, so having your tree on for the whole of December for 6 hours a day will cost less than £1, you’ve got to be a Grinch if you can’t spare that!

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